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The Deliverer (2020)


A Sacred Musical for actors, chorus, orchestra and soloists.

Orchestra (22221/4331/timp/perc[4]/hp/pno/org/str)

54 minutes

          Hope, a very sick mother approaching her last days tells her daughter Ami the story of the great cosmic conflict between good and evil. As she tries to explain why bad things happen to good people, she recounts the creation of the world, the fall of mankind and God’s plan of redemption. “The Deliverer” first existed as a youth camp play, designed to tell the story of the conflict of the ages between God and Satan in a dynamic yet powerful way. In this new musical setting; dramatization, music, video and scenography are combined in unique ways to maximize its impact. “The Deliverer” is a moving work that will engage church members and encourage believers while facilitating the spreading of the gospel.

            The Deliverer is a versatile work that can be done in a variety of forms. For full information about performing this work please use the contact button below.

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