Sonata for Alto Saxophone (2016)

Alto Saxophone and Piano

19 minutes

First Performance: February, 11. 2016. T. Earl Hinton Music Hall - Middle Tennessee State University.

Paula Van Goes - Alto Saxophone, Daniel Bondaczuk - Piano.

          The saxophone is an instrument which image and sound are very commonly associated with jazz. This Sonata has its influence on this genre. However, it was not developed as a collection of jazzy tunes for the saxophone, but as a contemporary multi-movement piece that borrows ideas from the jazz vocabulary within the context of contemporary classical music. “Bop” is a reference to the Be-Bop movement, and its highly improvisational character, with fast melodies and unpredictable rhythms; “Cry” is a mellow movement that explores the lyricism of the instrument; “Obsession” is a set of variations over a simple, repetitive, almost minimalistic theme; and “Swing” is a quasi-serial shuffle.

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