The Procession (2008)

Woodwind Quintet

9 minutes

          “The Procession” is a musical depiction of the religious feast that takes place during the celebration of Easter, as it is in many cities of Central and South America. Some of these cities have been found five hundred years ago by Spanish and Portuguese settlers and these religious practices have been preserved since then in its most authentic form. Religious feasts are not only an important religious matter to these people, it is also a celebration of their culture and diversity. In the New World, the Catholic traditions suffered influences from local Indigenous beliefs and African culture, what added elements to religious feasts which do not exist elsewhere in the world. This piece composed in 2013 is divided into four movements that describe the people, the event, the beliefs, and humanistic matters behind the scene with nuances that vary from the ragtime to the most elevated religiosity. More than portraying a centennial institution, this piece celebrates human behavior and religiosity in a unique way, through a careful observation of a tradition which inspires reflection.

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