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Lights (2015)

Orchestra (3222/4331/timp/perc[2]/hp/pno/str)

15 minutes

“For now we see like a picture in a mirror…”

1st Corinthians 13:12



        “Lights” is a set of three pieces that translate to the hearing field, phenomena which belong to the visual domain. The first piece, “Reflections”, depicts the effects of multiple sparks of light thrown into a mirror maze. Short fragments of music are exhaustively replicated creating a frantic explosion of tones and colors that merge into a chaotic yet beautiful picture. The second, “Blurs”, reproduces the observation of an image that goes back and forth out of focus. Cluster, bends, and pedaled notes make unclear the harmonies, the melodies, and the rhythm, and the music itself is perceive as a figure seen in steamy window. The last, “Distortions”, is the representation of an object observed through broken glasses or bent mirrors. The morphing of phrases in both vertical and horizontal directions summed to the change of timbre mask sonorities that ultimately point toward the previous movements.

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