Cantate Dominum Canticum Novum (2015)

2 Iberian Organs

10 minutes

First Performance: May, 2. 2015. Clérigos Church. O Porto, Portugal.

João Vaz and Javier Artigas, Organs.

Daniel Bondaczuk Produtor Musical

          Cantate Dominum Canticum Novum was the winning work of the prize Joaquim Simoes da Hora, awarded during the 2nd edition of the In Spiritum festival, in the city of O Porto. It is also the introit for the 5th Sunday of Easter, date when the piece was premiered. This psalm perfectly reflects the spirit of this work, to give to the Iberian organ a contemporary voice. Furthermore, no other chant would be more appropriate to celebrate the rebirth of two important instruments, the organs of the church of the clergy (Igreja dos Clérigos) which return to integrate the music scene of Oporto after thorough restoration.

          The piece consists of a single movement divided into seven interspersed subsections. These sessions are inspired by two typically Iberian musical styles: the Tiento (attempt), and the Batalla (battle). Though this terminology refers to more complex musical forms, they are used in the score to respectively characterize a polyphonic session with a soloist stop and a martial session with abundant use of horizontal reeds respectively. Other characteristic stylistic elements such as glosas, falsas, and the use of the split-keyboard have also been incorporated and adapted under a current linguistic approach, exerting a connection with the past while casting a vision for the future.

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